Script for Children - 0 To 6

Consider asking parents the following questions:

  • What are your sources of support? Who helps you as a parent? (look for sources of resilience/support)
  • What are the challenges you’re facing as a parent right now?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your child’s behavior since [school/daycare closed, COVID, other recent stressors, etc.]?
  • Do you have a routine at home and how is that working? Is your child attending school/preschool (virtually)? If so, how is that going?
  • How is your child using media? What shows/games/activities does s/he use most? 
  • Introduce high quality media resources:
  • One of the challenges many people are describing is living and being home more in the same space. How is that for your child? How is that for you?  Do you ever feel that you or your child might be unsafe in your current living situation? (any DV concerns?
  • Provide link to section 3 questions

Look for these warning signs:

  • Regression in milestones, failure to meet milestones
  • Changes in behavior and emotion (e.g., irritability, difficulty following directions, tantrums, problem behaviors, etc.)
  • Regulatory difficulties (crying, feeding, sleeping problems)
  • High parent distress; parental withdrawal or apathy; or notable anger, frustration, perceived helplessness with regard to the child

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