Script for Asian Americans

Questions to help assess and intervene around mental health concerns

  • Ask the patient more about their specific Asian identity and culture (as there can be a sense of loss of identity under the broad ‘Asian’ category), and use the patient’s provided language (e.g., “Bengali” vs. “Asian”) which may require a translator
  • What does depression mean to you?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your thoughts about yourself or the world
  • Are there non-Western interventions you have explored?
  • Are there resources in your community to support you with coping
  • Data supports the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Asian Americans to help in managing intense situations. Would you be interested in information or resources
  • Report hate incidents to the national Stop AAPI Hate campaign and to OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates hate incident reporting system
  • Report Michigan incidents to the Michigan Department of Attorney General Hate Crimes Unit: 313-456-0200.

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